Hide columns for anyone but owner / admin / designer (functional)

I consider the functionality to transform other columns with formulas (like rollup etc.) a really powerful and neat feature. I use it a lot to create nice-looking data for other users.

However, that creates quite a lot of “internal / support” (for search of a better word) colums with intermediate data. None of that data is meant for other users - they get the final, nice-looking result in an additional column.

I can hide those colums, of course, but this is not really a good protection for them, so people accidentially unhide them and get confused, or select them in the Kanban view etc. etc… However, they were never meant for display.

Similar to this topic, but not quite.

My suggestion: A second type of hiding columns, where they can only be seen by the owner / admin of the base.

I think what you are requesting as a feature here is already included in SeaTable, which is called view sharing, or custom sharing permissions. But these features are not in the free plan, however.

Hi, you are right, thank you! Also thank you for assuming that this was because I only have the free plan - while in fact I overlooked this option because I was stupid :grin:

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