How can I adress a colum sum in another table?

I want to use a row sum in another table in a special cell. How is the syntax for the formula?
I know it can be realised by a link but I don’t want to insert all links from all rows, because the number of rows can be changed!

thanks for helping

You simply describe the path to the column in the associated table. In other words, the formula has this syntax: {LINK_COLUMN_IN_THE_CURRENT_TABLE.TARGET_COLUMN_IN_ASSOCIATED_TABLE}

In the screenshot below, devices (monitors, projectors, …) are allocated to rooms. The column “Devices” shows the number(s) of the devices in that room. If I want to show the type of device behind that number, the formula is {Devices.Type}. “Type” is the name of the column in the associated table.

And this is the result:

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