How can I enable respondents of a webform to add a new option to a single / multiple selection data field?

Hi want to create a webform for a given table.
The table includes single selection fields, for example “project”, where respondents shall be able to select / add a project name.
Respondents shall be able to either

  • select their project from one of the existing projects or
  • add a new project by writing a new name in a textbox.

The new project name should also become an “option” lateron which is connected to further information. Thus, I do not want to make it a pure text field.

Same for multiple selection fields!

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

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Could you expand a bit on what you mean by “The new project name should also become an “option” lateron which is connected to further information”? In particular what you intend by “connected to further information”.

Thanks for your response! With “connected to further information” I mean that the multiple selection field “project name” of table 1 is connected to table 2, where each of the projects contain further information (e.g. deadline).

However, the connections can be neglected in a first step. Most importantly I want to enable respondents to add another option to the existing options for “project” that can be selected. The dropdowns should look as follows:

Please insert the name of your project:

  • existing project 1
  • existing project 2
  • Add new project

Options cannot be added to single and multiple select columns by way of web forms. (Would go against the logic of select fields.)

In your case, a link column is the correct and better field option, especially when you want to enrich it with “further information”.

Unfortunately, new linked records cannot be created in the current web forms either. But: In SeaTable 3.5, which will be released beginning of march, this feature will be added.


Question answered. Thank you!


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