How can I sum values from another table


Im a completly noob at seatable, so please bear with me.

I have a table called data that has a column called cost, but I want to sum the values of cost and have it displayed on my table called main.

I read that I can use the rollup function somehow but it doesnt appear to be able to reference other tables within the same base ?

Any pointers?


Or, I want to get my clients “rate” value from another table and use it in my “data” table as a multipler?

Hi @platerytter , and welcome on the SeaTable forum. As far as I understand your problem, here is how I think it could work :

  • you have one “Clients” table containing a “rate” column
  • you have one “Data” table with several column, and particularly :
    1. one “client” column (of type link to other record, linked to your “Clients” table)

    2. one “client’s rate” column (of type link formula / lookup, see bellow) to get the client’s rate in your “Data” table

    3. Probably an “initial cost” column : the cost before applying the rate

    4. Finally, a “cost” or “final cost” column, obtained by multiplying the initial cost by the client’s rate

  • a “Main” table, with the following columns:
    1. A column of type link to other records that will link each row with the rows of the “Data table” you wish to consider (let’s call it “data”)
    2. A column of type link formula with the desired rollup function (see bellow)

To make it short, even if the structure is not exactly what you need (one again, sorry if I misunderstood your case):

  • you have to create links between tables before being able to get data from another table, or being able to summarize values like sum, min/max or average
  • do not hesitate to browse the links above from the SeaTable help about links

Hope that helps,