How do I use formulas with checkboxes?

I have a couple of columns that are boolean in nature, and I would like to create a formula column that’s set to yes if any specified column is set to yes.

As a step in between, I’m trying to replicate one column. I’ve tried:

  • if({column}, ✔, ✔) → Invalid formula
  • if(true({column}), 1, 0) → Just returns 1, regardless of the checkbox status.

Am I doing something wrong or is manipulating checkboxes not implemented yet?

I guess I could convert checkboxes to numbers and do something like if(sum({column}, {column2}, ...), > 0, 1), but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. Double-clicking on a cell is easier than filling them up with numbers.

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

The value of the checkbox field is true when checked. So you can write your formula like this:

if({checkbox-column}, 1, 0)

And it will return 1 when the checkbox is checked, and 0 when the checkbox is not checked.


One more reminder: The Checkbox’s value will only be updated once the focus has left the cell. That means: when you have checked a cell, click somewhere else to update it.