How list items in SeaTable/Page design

Hi all,

I use Page design to create invoices for courses. The invoice includes all the participants from one company. It draws on a cell containing those participants. At the moment it is displayed like this: John Smith, Mary Jones, Bill Weathers but I would like it to display as a line-separated list:
John Smith
Mary Jones
Bill Weathers

Is there a way to pre-format the cell items (such as with a formula) so that they will be displayed as a list in Page Design?

There is no formula option. Sorry.

But there is a way that may be convenient for you: Linked values can be displayed as either a comma-separated list or as a table. In the table, you can hide all irrelevant columns so as to only display the participant column. (At this point, you cannot hide the row numbers or format the table’s header row. We are working on it though.)

HI Ralf
Thanks for your answer. I saw the table option but, as you write, you are still working on it. It would be useful for me if I could get rid of everything but the names (it currently includes a header, which I don’t want/need)

This is all SeaTable offers at this point.

Give us a little more time.


Thanks for looking into it! Keep up the good work.

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