How to add an existing user to my team?


we are evaluating SeaTable and opened some individual free accounts.

I put up a base that I want to share with my colleagues. Can I invite them to my team? If I administer the users of my team I can’t add these individual accounts to my team as the email addresses are obviously already taken.

Did we make a mistake here? How can I get my people together for a base without external links?

Also, is it possible to be in more than one team?

Dirk Fröhling

Hello Dirk,
you can share bases with team members as well as with users in other teams. Both is possible! Yet, when sharing bases within your team, you have more options. But one step at a time.

First off, how do you share with users in other teams:

  • Open the share dialog
  • Create an invite link - w/ or w/o password and/or auto-expiration
  • Share this link with the other users

The invite link gives them access to your base. You can share the invite link with as many people as you want. The membership of the recipient - Team A, Team B or Team X - does not matter.

Second, you can of course add users to your team. Open team admin by clicking on your avatar. In the USERS menu, you can add more users. BUT: you cannot add a user - an email address - which is already associated with another team.

Third, when sharing bases with invite links, you can only share entire bases with either read-write or read-only permission. By contrast, when sharing in your team, you can share individual views and you also have the so-called advanced sharing permissions which gives you fine-grained control over what views and tables you want to share.

Fourth, unfortunately, there is no way to merge teams at this point. But we are working on it. By the end of H1/2022, we’ll offer an option to merge teams.

It is the third option I was going for, but also for users with existing accounts.

So, shall I tell my colleagues to delete their SeaTable accounts (if this is possible) and wait for my invitation?

Ok, great!

I suggest a slightly different course of action though: Please have your colleagues write to and request an immediate account deletion.

Why is this? Before you can add your colleagues to your team, their user accounts have to be deleted from the system. When the users end their subscription, their accounts do not get deleted right away, but at the end of the (free) subscription period. So you’d have to wait which can be anything between 1 and 30 days.

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