How to add date of submission when a webform is submitted

I would like the date of submission of a SeaTable webform to be added to a “Date” column. I have so far added a column with date type and the default set to current date. Clicking on the add row button in SeaTable adds an empty row and also adds the date. However, when I submit a web form, the date is not added.
How can the date of submission be automatically added when the form is submitted? i do not want the date to appear in the webform itself, only to be added upon submission so i know when the form was submitted.

Can’t you just simply use the created date column, can you?

The point is that when a user submits a form, the form entries are added to the relevant columns but the date column I have added stays blank. It only adds the date when I manually add a row in the table. But, seeing as this table is meant to store webform submissions, that means that the date should be added when someone has submitted a form.

This is correct. Default values defined on the column level in the base editor are not applied when a form is submitted. You have default values in the form editor for this purpose.

If you want a submission date to be set, use the created date column (see @AkDk7) or use an automation to populate a regular date column. The event is “New record” and you must add a filter that applies only to records created by the submission of the form.

Ah, right, now I see. Thanks to @AkDk7 for his input and to you @rdb for seconding it. I will do what you suggested.

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