How to build a page

How to build a page(like projects page, app page) in private seatable server or it is possible to add webpages

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thanks for joining the SeaTable Forum. I do not fully understand what you mean. Do you want to create a webpage with content that you add in SeaTable?

Here is an example. (I know it is chinease language) is a website that show content from a SeaTable base. Every entry in a base will be shown as an element on

This could be done with the SeaTable API. You can use any kind of programming language to get the lines of a base and show them as html on your page. Is that what you want?

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Thanks, Christoph. This is exactly what I am looking. Could you please explain how to do that?. I created setable server, I need to create similar page like this( I have to build on top of seatable

For, we use Django framework to get data from a base and provide APIs to the frontend:

Frontend <-----> API Middleware (use SeaTable Python library)  <-----> base

For simple pages, you can use framework like nextjs and skip the middleware.

Frontend <-----> base

To load a base to the frontend, you can generate an API token for the base, then use dtable-sdk to load the base:


Thanks Daniel, Could you please explain how to update the frontend design in private seatable. I didn’t find anything. I am getting confused. Where to add frontend code?

Can you explain what you want to archive in a detailed way?

Hi daniel,
Is it possible to update the frontend page design as we wish? or is it possible to create a new page based on our requirement with seatable flow, database and server?

Which frontend page do you mean? Can you post a design picture to better explain your ideas?