How to configure https when system is already running nginx

I am trying to get seatable working on my server. My Ubuntu VPS already has nginx running on it. So I can’t configure the docker container to listed to port 80 on the host. Therefore, before installation, I configured the container to listen on ports 81 and 444.

I then configured my nginx server to reverse proxy to port 81. This worked fine normally. But then I configured https on my host’s nginx using certbot. After doing this, the tables stop loading. I am able to login and see the list of my bases and tables, but clicking them takes me to the loading page where the page gets stuck forever.

How can I configure https with my host’s nginx without having to open port 444 and always having to use the URL with the port number.

I’ll try to write instructions for installing SeaTable under non standard ports over the weekend.

I drafted this article in which I explain how you can run SeaTable on a non-standard port for HTTPS. The English version is auto-translated and I haven’t verified the quality of the translation yet. But I hope the article proves useful for your problem.

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