How to create a formula if the source column contains as result #N/A

I have a formula which contains positive and negative numbers, as well as " #N/A " as result. I want to create a additional formular as an ifs, which says

ifs({Column A}>= 1, “OK”, {Column A}<= -1, “Not good”, {Column A}= “#N/A”, “Not available”)

However “#N/A” is not recognized, how to express this result in a formula?

Seatable uses the first rows to determine the result type. In your case, Seatable probably recognises the formula results as numbers. If the result type is number, N/A is not a valid value and hence not displayed. (In a number column, string are not shown either.)

So can I make a formula, which returns not valid values?

I think your problem can be solved if we add an iserror() function.

This would be awesome!

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