How to edit .py file to add map config


i am new here, and i am new to Docker world, i usually use Windows to deal with config. and files.

i have seen a post to allow the Map to work, by adding the following configuration to


actually, i have no idea how to do or open docker and edit that file.

if anyone can give me some steps or guide to do so, i will use SSH.

Hi, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!
Your question is although quite basic, but also concrete! I’m not sure if you have already read the SeaTable Admin Manual? It’s here:

Hopefully, you’ll find some useful information there…

And - this is not a bug, so I’m moving it from the category Bugs & Issues to General.

thank you, actually i dont have any idea on how to open the PY file to edit it

There are many editors you can use, like Brackets, Sublime, or Visual Studio Code. If you are in a Linux environment, you can just type nano ***.py to open the nano editor.

However, SeaTable on Docker is not really for beginners. Installation and configuration could be challanging. I recommend you the SeaTable cloud version: just register at and you can use the SeaTable Cloud for free, if it meets your needs!

You need to read more on docker volumes.

@ahmadabuhamideh I will contact you by personal message.