How to enable custom permission in Enterprise Edition v1.70?

Hi, I had deployed the ee version. But I can’t see the feature like from Custom View Permissions / Custom Sharing Permissions - #20 by rdb

You can set can_use_advanced_permissions to true for default role.

We will automatically generate the settings in version 1.7.2.

Thanks for quick reply, we are considering using EE for our client, hope it goes well.

I have installed setable:EE from Docker on our server
I have received an licenses key for EE but the System Info in the Adminsecition shows:
Professional Edition licensed to xxOur Company Namexx, expires on 2022-02-28
When I add the “Roles and Permissions” code to and restart the server I get:
502 Bad Gateway

Two questions how will I get the correct license key for 10 users EE?
Is the above issue related to an wrong license key?

Thx, Greetings

The license file should be okay. It is likely the “Roles and Permissions” code you added have an error.

The code has been inserted with copy and paste from the manual page

Sorry, my mistake, works…