How to extract the first letter of several words in a column


I have a column with one or two words. I would like to get the 2 first letters of each word.


Column Entité : Complexe Paradis
Column Sigle : CoPa

Column Entité : Lightheway
Column Sigle : Li

If I use the MID function, I only get the first word letters.

Thanks in advance

Hello Nathalie,

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You can use the following formula:

    find(" ", {Name}) > 0,
    concatenate(left({Name}, 2), left(mid({Name}, find(" ", {Name}) + 1, len({Name})), 2)),
    left({Name}, 2)

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Wonderfull, it works fine.

Thanks you very much. I tried the concatenate function, but I was very wrong with my formula.

Thanks again and have a nice day ! :wink:

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