How to format date in "Created" column type

I have implemented a “Created” column type. It inserts date and time in this format:
2023-05-15 16:25:57

I would like to format it to only show only the date in this format:

It does not look as if the column itself offers any options to format it. I am presuming that I will need to add a formula column ( day({column}) & “.” & month({column}) & “.” & year({column}) )to re-format the date and then hide the original column. Or is there another way?

The two automatic date column types creation date and last modification date cannot be formatted. Sorry.

If you want to modify the format, you have to use a formula column as you describe above.

You can add your idea to

Thanks rdb. I have done that. and I will add them to the ideas forum.

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