How to ged rid of quotes – Possible Bug?

After import of a CSV file, I intend to get rid of some special characters in a field. The characters just need to get surpressed and I do not opt for correcting the import file, as I need a general solution.

The character strings are ["" and ""], also a bracket and then two " and they can get replaced by “nothing”.

The formular that should be capable of doing this is SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(Fieldname, "[\"\"", ""), "\"\"]", ""). And Seatable offers an interesting result, as only the [] are eliminatet. As an illustration the field value [""-""] results into ""-"".

I already tried single quotes''and was looking for an alternative like CHAR or CODE, which do not exist. Thank in advance for some enlightment, where I made a mistake :wink:

PS: The manual search and replace removed them without a problem.