How to get an API-Token for a shared Base

Hi there,

I am accessing a Base that has been shared to me. Until four weeks ago or so, I successfully did the following, to access the data via REST:

Credentials => Account-Token
Account-Token + Shared (Workspace-Id, Base-Name) => Temp-API-Token
Temp-API-Token => Access-Token

Today, I noticed that the last step always results in a 403, regardless what I do. It still works with a Base of my own, though. I am wondering if this is on purpose. Is there any other way to use a shared Base via REST - starting with my credentials?

thanks a lot for any ideas.

Hey Markus777,

I can confirm that it is not working to get access to a shared with me base with a temporary API-Token.
This was changed with version 4.0 due to security constraint.

Still, it is easy to get access to a shared base:

  1. Get Account Token from your credentials
  2. Get Base Token with Account Token
  3. do whatever you want with the base token.

Best regards

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