How to get info from two tables with different access rules

I have two task lists.
The first one is shared with my coworkers in a table where task are assigned, it works well
The other table is personal, with private info that my buddies don’t see.
I would like to make a private table that merges both task and update their status in their respective tables.
How would you proceed, knowing that I’m selfhosting my seatable ?

You would quit having two tables and put them all in one. You add a single select column with two values “public” and “private”. Then you create a view that filters for the public values. This view, you share with your co-workers

Having the same entities in two different tables does not make sense.

You’ll have to update to SeaTable Enterprise though. “View sharing” and “custom sharing permissions” are Enterprise features.

I don’t see an easy way to do the same with SeaTable Developer Edition.

thanks, for confirming
that was also my thinking.

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