How to get Maps Plugin to show Pin on Location

I’m using SeaTable EE , I have the Maps Plugin installed and I have the API key loaded in the file. My table has a column with Lat and Long which I believe is the format the API requires. It looks something like this:

After a enter a bunch of sample Lats and Longs, I go to Plugins > Maps and then I edit settings to have the Address Field be the field with Lat and Long.

Then I go back to the Map and nothing is there. No pins, no locations, just a blank map.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Is the API looking for a different location format?


you are using a column of type Text for longitude and latitude, please use the Geolocation column and try again:

Yes, that fixed the issue. I does not seem to show pins if you choose Country and Region as the data type, but it does work if you choose Lat & Long… so we are good to go. Thank you.

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