How to get OFFSET to work for sql queries using the api through a python script?

since I’ve hit the limit of 10,000 results from a query I wanted to try and get all entries using a while loop, however I can’t seem to get OFFSET to work despite the documentation mentioning its an option. my current query is:

“select _id from {} OFFSET {} limit {}”.format(table_name, offset, limit)

the error im getting is ConnectionError: [Errno 400] {“error_message”:“parse error: unexpected OFFSET near TableName”}. im new to sql as well as the api, so I could imagine this being a classic user error, any help would be appreciated.

I thought I had tried this but apparently you need to do limit first then offset. the documentation says this:
" * Limit options are in MySQL format. The general syntax is OFFSET ... LIMIT .... You may obmit OFFSET or LIMIT."

Thank you for pointing out. We’ll fix the documentation.

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