How to manually sort x axis in bar chart?


I’ve got this chart thats sums up values refering a weekday column. I can’t even tell what is used to sort the elements on x axis. it looks totally random to me.
I would love to have them monday to sunday obviously. How can I achieve this?


You can try use a formula column to assign number 1 to Monday, number 2 to Tuesday and so on, and use the number as x axis. In this way, the x axis can be correctly sorted.

I am already generating the weekday with a formula from a date column. Obviously I would like to have the names of the day instead of index. With the index it is sorted by that number, with my mapping it is different in each bar chart.

This is what I did:
if(weekday({Timestamp})=2, "Montag",if(weekday({Timestamp})=3, "Dienstag",if(weekday({Timestamp})=4, "Mittwoch",if(weekday({Timestamp})=5, "Donnerstag",if(weekday({Timestamp})=6, "Freitag",if(weekday({Timestamp})=7, "Samstag",if(weekday({Timestamp})=1, "Sonntag","")))))))