How to massively format all the columns?

Hi everyone,

how to massively format all the columns of a table without having to do it manually?

I imported from Excel a file containing the data organized as follows:

  • Rows: the products sold
  • Columns: Sales amounts organized by weeks - so each column represents a week of sales

After the import, the accounting values of excel became text values for Seatable. Why? :triumph:

I’m formatting each column individually changing the column type to number\euro and also setting the formatting I like:

  • thousands separator is a “dot” instead of a “comma”
  • decimal separator is a “comma” instead of a “dot”
    . force precision to 2 decimals

But doing it manually for years of data is impossible!

How can I do?

And is there a way to default the type of formatting I want to have for ALL of my Seatable, without having to do it for every Base, Table or Column?

Thanks everyone for the help

You can use a script. There is no other way.

There is not, unfortunately.


Thank you, then I think it’s time for me to learn how to code a script

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