How to obtain data from Tables programmatically


We would like to export table from Seatable to our analytics platform.

In our imaginations we would like to pull data from seatable from the cron/base script, and (pre)process and re-imported it elsewhere.

What options do we have? and in what format can we obtain this data, like json etc.?


it is possible to retrieve data from your bases in JSON per SeaTable API. The request you need is called “List Rows”.

I would recommend you to read the SeaTable API Reference carefully to get well usage of the SeaTable API. If you are using Postman it would be benificial for you, as you can directly import the hundreds of SeaTable APIs with one click “Run in Postman” (on the top right corner of the webpage above).

Notice that if you are using SeaTable Cloud, we have a limitation of 100 API calls per minute for the rows request. If you are using self-hosted, you can elevate this limit by changing the server settings according to the manual at dtable_server_config - SeaTable Admin Manual.

Another possibility would be, to export your tables to Excel. To do this, go to a table and click on “Export table to Excel” from the table’s menu.