How to remove duplicate values in Lookup formula

I have 1 row in a table linked to 8 rows in another table, and then using the Lookup function to display the values from a specific column:

Capture d’écran 2022-04-22 à 16.40.36

But when the values are all the same, (which is common in my use case), I have needless repetition. Is it possible to display the value just once, and remove the duplicates?

Hi Alex, please see this topic for a similar discussion: Link to records, filtered by a condition based on the value of another record - #8 by rdb

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a link formula operation that removes duplicates.

Hi, I’ve just discovered that duplicate tags ARE removed when the source column is of type “multiple select”. This solves my problem in some cases, but in others it won’t work when :

  1. I need a ‘single select’ only
  2. Or the ‘multiple select’ column type cannot be the first column in a table

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