How to select from multiple tables depending on a previous column

I am new to Seatable and trying to create a dropdown that will select options from 1 of 4 tables depending on the choice selected previously. So imagine I have 4 different types of product, column 1 is a Single Select for which Product I am interested in. The next column is the product detail but should select the choices from a different table depending on the Product Type chosen.

Is this possible?

if I understood you correctly, you want to link the tables.

For this, you need the column “Link to other records” and then the column “Link formula” with the “Lookup” function.

You can find a help article here: How to link tables in SeaTable - SeaTable

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Thanks but my issue is a bit different.

I have 4 different types of product. Each product has a different table with different fields.

I want to be able to select 1 of the 4 products in another table and then depending on which product is selected, there is a second column where I pick 1 of the products in the table selected.

For example, I have the following types of car - Compact, SUV, Electric and Sedan. There is a field in a table to select 1 of those 4 car types. In the next column I can select which model, but I only want options shown that correspond to the type of car selected.

Does that make sense?


I am not sure if the data model is correct and what you want to do with the displayed data.

If you include all types (Compact, Suv, …) in one table, you could work with the Universal App and the Query Page.

Otherwise, please feel free to give me more information about what you have in mind so we can find a solution.

Alright, so here is the actual database which should show what I am trying to do.

This is the selection table Product for different types of Commodity. Each Product has its own Table with different characteristics.

Then, for example, I have different types of EN590 and Coal and I want to collect Inquiries of different products.

What I actually want is instead of having the columns Coal Type and EN590 Type that I have 1 column - Product Type.

What Column Type should I use for Product Type? The difficulty is that I can link tables but only 1:1. I want to have a column which allows selection from one of the Product Tables DEPENDING on the Product selected in the Inquiry Table.

Is that possible?

Here are the relevant screen shots:

Thanks for your help!


Sorry for the late response.

Have you been able to solve the issue meanwhile?

If not, here is a solution:

in your “Inquiries” table, you have already created a link to the “Products” table with the “Product” column, so you don’t need to create an additional link for the product type. You can work with the “Link formula” column and the “Look up” function to display the relevant data.

Does that help you?

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