How to sort/control the row ORDER of a Page Design linked-field (Table)?

I notice the row ORDER of a linked-field (Table) listing is according to the listing order of linked entries in the source Table cell.

How can I either:

  1. sort the row order in the report, OR
  2. modify the order of linked entries in the Table cell itself?

Since version 4.0, you can control the order via the sort button in the popup dialog:

Thank you Daniel!

Your solution controls the sort order of the linked data in the base table cell.

But the problem we have is in the resulting Page Design: When the sorted cell data is displayed in (Table) format on a page (report), the sort order on the Page is still unchanged.

How can we control the sort order on the Page Design output??

The order in Page Design for a linked field (Table) page field is still controlled by the literal row order of the linked field table, when viewed in Default View-- this order can only be changed by dragging and dropping to change the ordering of the rows.

We experimented a lot with ordering the rows, as well as re-ordering the links without any success of changing the ordering of the report output. The gating factor seems to be the logic of the ordering used by the Page Design plugin, and we could not find any configuration within it to change the ordering from Default View table order to some other order.

In version 4.1, the order of a linked filed in page design plugin will use the same configuration in the base. This should solve your problem.

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Great, 'will be good to have this capability-- it really will make reports more robust.

Thanks again–

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