How to submit more than one record at a time

I am trying to create a form that will allow users to fill more than one record at a time, but I only get a traditional form interface option. Any options to increase the number record inputs. Thank you

There are two methods:

  • You can click “form → add a form → add a data collection table”. A data collection table is a table that users can submit multiple records and see records he/she entered before.
  • In a future version, you can build a multi-pages external app in SeaTable, you can use add one form page and one table page, the form page can be used to let users enter records and the table page can display existing records.

But the data collection table is only available when you are logged in, right? The form for a single record also can be opened when you are not logged in.


There is no such a feature that let an anonymous user to submit more than one record at a time.

Sea table
I can only add a form as a Traditional form.

I also can only see the “traditional form” possibility. The second possibility was once there but seems to have been removed.

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