How to use user-defined sharing permissions

I like to give some guest users read-only access to some of the views in my base. I found the “user-defined sharing permissions” option and defined one:

How can I use this permission now? I did not find a way to add it to a link or another sharing option.


I found that I can select the newly defined permission when giving access to users or groups:

But can I give it to guests as well? This forum topic implies that this feature should be there, but it only seems to work for single views.

Hello Dirk,
you can use a custom sharing permission just like one of the two preset sharing permission. The only difference: You have to specify them first.

“Guest” is no SeaTable term. You’ll not find it in our manual.

In general terms, you can use sharing permissions - preset as well as custom sharing permissions - only when sharing bases with other users in YOUR team (“Freigabe für Benutzer”) or groups in YOUR team (“Freigabe für Gruppe”). When creating an invite link (“Einladungslink”), only the two preset permissions are available. (This is a design decision on our part.) With an invite link, you can share a base/view with users in OTHER teams.

When sharing bases/views with people that do NOT have a SeaTable account, you must use an external link. External link are always read-only.

I would like to give read-write permission to external users ( = guests) for specific tables or even specific views, but but I only have the option to give them either read-only access to the vuew or complete access to the base, which is not acceptable. Please look into the option of allowing this. Will add it to ideas.

Sorry, I understand. But you got me right, I meant people without a SeaTable account.

I think I finally get it. So, in order to share several specific views with someone it would be best if he or she signs in for a SeaTable account and joins my team, right? Is a free account sufficient for read access?


As a rule, you must be logged in to modify values in a base/table. The one exception is a web form. With web forms, people without login can append records. There no plans whatsoever to change this.

Exactly! Broadly speaking, SeaTable Cloud distinguishes three types of “people”:

  • Users in your team
  • Users in other teams
  • External parties (-> no account)

To share with Users in your team, use “Share with users” (“Freigabe an Benutzer”) or “Share with group” (“Freigabe Gruppe”). To share with Users in other teams, use the “Invite link” (“Einladungs-Link”). To share with external parties, use the external link.


  • External links are ALWAYS read-only.
  • Invite links grant either read-only or read+write access for the entire base.
  • Shares - in the paid subscriptions - can be anything. You define the access level on a table-by-table or view-by-view basis. A share can grant read-only access to some tables, but read-write to other tables.

What I mean by “external users” are people with accounts who are then given access to my base via the option “Invite link”. They then have to set up their own SeaTable account before they can access. The issue is that I would have to give them read/write access to the entire base, whereas for such people I would only want them to have read/write access to a specific table or view. As I want them to make changes/add things, read-only access is no use. For security/privacy reasons, I would only want them to see the table/view that is relevant to them.

As I said above:

We’ll not support custom sharing permissions for invite links. This is not a technical constraint, but a business decision.

@bootboden Has your question been answered?

Yes, thank you very much.

You can try with external app feature when it is ready in the beginning of the next year. It is an enterprise plan feature. But it will let you set exactly what table/view an external user can access and edit.

The editing experience will be weaker than the editing experience in the base, but should be enough for most use cases.


@daniel.pan That sounds exactly like what i was looking for. Look forward to trying it out.

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