HowTo: Formula for calculating the quarter of a year from a date field

Seatable has a nice grouping feature. You can group a date field by quarter. Especially for tax reasons this is a nice feature. But there are limitation in grouping and you cannot use quarter to filter records.

One way around is a new formula field in which you can calculate the quarter. With this field you can combine grouping an use it for filtering. For example first group by year and on level 2 group by the quarter of the year:


The formular for this field is:

if({RE-Datum}, year({RE-Datum}) & "-Q" & int(((month({RE-Datum}) - 1) / 3) + 1), "")


If you need only the quarter (without the year) just remove the first part year({RE-Datum}) & "-Q" &

BTW: The if-statement is only necessary to avoid errors or warnings when the field “RE-Datum” is empty.



Thanks for sharing this with the SeaTable community.

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