iFrame Display Issues After Upgrading (CSP related?)

Hi there!

I’m facing an issue after upgrading our system where an iFrame used to display a table, which is no longer working.

Previously, I was using an iFrame to embed a table to an external application (PRTG monitor). This setup worked flawlessly before the upgrade (version 4.2 → 4.3).

Could changes introduced in the upgrade (version 4.3) be conflicting with CSP settings and preventing the iFrame from displaying correctly?

Is it related to this in any way? (We are self-hosted)

Is there a way we could manually set the frame ancestors? We think this will solve the problem.

Please have a look at your seatable-server.yml in /opt/seatable-compose. There you find all the settings for the content-security-policy. My recommendation is that you copy the seatable-server.yml to custom-seatable-server.yml and update the value according to your need.

Then stop all containers and restart.

cp /opt/seatable-compose
cp seatable-server.yml custom-seatable-server.yml
# change custom-seatable-server.yml
# change in .env the seatable-server.ymlt to custom-seatable-server.yml
docker compose down
docker compose up -d
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Thank you, we got it to work!

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