Image DataURL in URL column does not work

Good morning.

I am storing small base64 coded immages, from a signature canvas in an URL column.
When I click the little link button on an entry, i get an error “invalidURL”

If I paste the contents of the column into the browsers address field, it shows the stored picture flawlessly.

So I assume, that the column type URL does not support dataURL, right?

Is there some kind of string prefix I can add, so seatable will understand, that it should just open a new tab and give the dataURL to the browser and let him take care of the rest?

Or is there a way to store image data URL inside the Image column type?

Your assumption is correct.

Unfortunately, there is none currently. But it is a nice idea.

Alright. What a pitty :wink: I’d actually love to see a “signature control” as a column. Where you can sign on a touch screen or by mouse, singature gets stored … That’s what i used the dataURL for…

Anyhow. Thank you.

Please go ahead and post that as a feature request on

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