Implemented support for the interface in Russian? How do I set it up?

Implemented support for the interface in Russian? How do I set it up?

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As far as I know, we currently only have English, German, French and Chinese language for the interface. Sorry!

Thank you, we will wait

Dear akirichenko,

this is Christoph from SeaTable. Right now as @Karlheinz told you we only support English, German, French and Chinese language. This is because we and our team are only natives for these languages. But we would love to add more languages.

The point is the following: the translation of SeaTable is done in Here is a screenshot how it looks like:

SeaTable is developed in english and all new strings have to be translated to the other languages. The screenshot shows the timeline plugin. To translate this plugin into another language 43 strings have to be translated… All plugins have in total 190 strings. The SeaTable core has even more but many strings can be reused by Seafile which is already available in Russian.

Would you help with the translation if i create a good video instruction for transifex on youtube?
That would be super helpful.

Best regards

Dear Christopher,

I am happy to help you translate into Russian.

SeaTable is a great product.

Best regards Alexey Kirichenko

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Dear Alexey,
That is great. I will write you a private message. Then we can discuss the details.
Best regards