Import csv with multiple select data

I want to import a file from microsoft planner into a new table.

The excel file has a field with comma-separated labels that I want to bring in as a multiple select field in Seatable. Here’s an example of a cell with three labels:

Lead by Campaign team,Employers/businesses,Medium project

A straight import gives me one select value “Lead by Campaign team,Employers/businesses,Medium project”, not three.

I have tried splitting the data onto separate lines in the excel cell, like this:

Lead by Campaign team
Medium project

This is parsed incorrectly and creates four options, not three.


How can I correct this and easily import the data accurately?

Thanks for looking.


after you have imported the csv file, you can create a new column of type multiple select and copy the values into this column.
If the values are separated by commas, they will be listed as individual options.

To be honest, not the nicest way, but it works :wink:

Thanks, that’s actually what I have done. But when I pasted the values in, they are not parsed by the commas. For instance,


The string splitting is inconsistent as well, making it unreliable and therefore unusable.

Are there any tricks I could use to prepare the text so it would be imported correctly?

If I copy the following section:

and paste it into the multiple selection column, I get the following result:

Thanks. Based on your success, I tried copying the column into notepad and copying again to paste into Seatable. It worked! Thank you so much. It must have been picking up some extraneous formating from Excel before.

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