Import in multiselect column


ist there a way for an csv / excel import into an multiselect Column.
The problem ist, that the values (Product categeries) still have a comma inside the different values.
“Grafik & Design, Layout, DTP| Adobe| Photoshop| Webdesign & -Programmierung”
Means row was assigned to Categorie:
Grafik & Design, Layout, DTP
Webdesign & -Programmierung
How to get such values in one cell into an multiselect cell, while import?
All tests with different delimiters doesn’t work.

If I understood correctly
Replace all commas with an unused special character in MS Excel, upload a CSV with a separator “,”. In SeaTable, replace these special characters with commas.

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I try it so (replace comma inside with semikolon or hashtag) and use the comma only as delimiter between the single categories. But these doesn’t help.
Here the cell “Grafik & Design# Layout# DTP, Adobe, Photoshop”
But the import generates these as one, long multiselect
See Screenshot