Import linked columns from Excel/CSV


I have some linked columns between my tables.

When I export a table to Excel, the linked table data is exported properly. But if re-import the same data using either copy-paste or the import to table functions, these tables are left out.

Is there a way to import data to linked columns?

You cannot import into the column type “link”.

But you can use the data processing operation “auto add link” after importing to have SeaTable create the links between the records for you.

Okay, thank you.
When I see it correctly, then you can only connect single values, not when you want to connect multiple values, right?

I don’t understand what your question is. Are you talking about using multiple select columns for matching purposes or do you want to create a matching rule using multiple columns?

This is what the data processing wizard for the “auto add link” operation looks like:

Can you please specify your question making reference to the screenshot.

Okay, sorry for the confusion

I mean this:
when you set the column in this way up, that you can select multiple items:
CleanShot 2022-12-19 at 15.44.57

I only get the column working in single-selection-mode

(I can only put one media item per post)
this is the setting I mean:
CleanShot 2022-12-19 at 15.46.14

“Auto add link” can of course also create 1:n relationships, depending on the matching rule that you define.

But I guess we are talking about completely different things.

Seems so.

What I want is:

  • Table_Attributes.NameTable_Persons.Attributes

  • Multiple selection of attributes in Table_Persons.Attributes like here:

  • this doesn’t work, since the column matcher of the processing operation matches by “is equal” not by “does contain”.

  • therefore it seems, that the processing operation only maches when both cells in both tables are the same

  • therefore, this multiselect isn’t possible. or am I wrong?