Import of boolean values

I am trying to import data from a base query via a CSV file, about 2000 records.
There are two boolean fields in the CSV file, which are converted to the values 1 = true and 0 = false.
During import, they are treated as text fields, but this can easily be changed to a number format. I am now looking for a way to change these columns to the checkbox format. In my previous attempts, I have lost all the data in the corresponding columns. Is there a way to convert the columns so that the value 1 = checked and 0 = unchecked?

Thanks and greetings from the German winter!

Hi JP,

I see two possibilities for this:

Either you create an automation with trigger event “Records meet specific conditions after modification” with filter condition Number = 1 and Automated actions on set checkbox to “checked”.

Then you insert your values in the number column and the automation takes effect.

Or you can create a periodically triggered automation with condition Number = 1 and an automated action to set the checkbox to “checked”, then manually click on run now.

Greetings from Mainz

This is how I would do it: Use this formula “if({source_colum}=1,True,False)” Then create a checkbox column and paste the values from the formula column into the checkbox column.

It’s even easier: you can copy the values from your Boolean column and copy them directly into the Checkbox column.

Thank you very much!
As soon as you do it right, it works.
That was exactly the solution I was looking for!

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