Impossible to share view because "token exists"

Hello everybody,
I detected a bug which prevent me sharing a view using a custom URL : I sometimes need, for my process, to delete specific views, and recreate views with the same names. Let me explain, with an example. I use seatable to record volunteering hours in my NGO. Each family of my NGO inputs their volunteering hours using a form. I’ve got a general view containing every hours of every families, and I create specific view for every family (for example the Family_DOE view). For each specific view, I share the view using a custom URL like Family-Doe for the Doe family.
When new families enter or leave my NGO, I use a javascript script to delete all the Family_XXXXXX views and to recreate them, based on the list of families in another table.
After using this script, I discovered that I can’t share the specific Family_Doe view with the Family-Doe custom URL : I get an error “token exists”. Is there a way to automatically delete the token when the view is deleted, so that I can use the same custom URL again ?
Thanks for your help !


I found all the URL listed on this page of my account : Log in - SeaTable Cloud (on the Bases page, External links tab) and were able to delete the old links from here.

I also found how to list, delete and create such links in the API documentation here.

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