Inconsistant Datatyp in Formula

we have the following columns:

  • sales (Formula value with numbers)
  • discount % (Numbers, format %)
  • discountvalue (Numbers, Euro)
    and we want to perform a calculation in a new column.
    If discount % has been entered, then “sales-(sales*Discount-%)”.
    If discountvalue was used, then "sales-discountvalue).

We use these formula

But we always get the error message “Inconsistent data type”.

Bye Thomas

Sales is the value in Euro ?

And is the disount in % not equal to the value?

So you want to have some kind of calculation if the discont in % is higher than 0 ?



return results or errors?

If yes, the problem is in the conditional statement. If not, you know where to look.

Generally, if a cell is not empty and you refer to it, the return value is true. Hence, {column_name} returns true if the cell is not empty.

Does this work?

if({discount-%}>0, ({sales}-{discountvalue}),(sales-({sales}*{discount-%})))

the problem was the condition inside the if clause. With “{discount-%} = ‘’, …” the errormessage happens.
With the “if({discount-%} > 0, …” it works.
Tnx for your help

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