Insert a row with the api problem

I’m triying to insert a row, with the api but it say “You don’t have permission to access”,
I have generated my token and it give status 200 y then I use that token to run the endpoint
but It say “You don’t have permission to access.”

Maybe your token has only read-only permission?

Exactly which token are you using? As I see “Get Auth Token” on your screenshot. The Auth Token doesn’t work for this call. For this call you need the Access Token.

It say read-write

That’s true but I try with this token and got “Invalid token”

I see. Although it says “access token” on this dialogue, it’s not the access token you need for this API request.

What you need is this one:

Link to the document:
SeaTable API Reference

I’ve also noticed you use Postman but have “built” these API calls manually. To avoid such problems, please use the “Run in Postman” feature on (top right) to import our API calls into your postman.

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Thank you !, It works (:

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