Installation aside Seafile Pro (nginx reverse proxy)

Hello, I am trying to install Seatable Enterprise aside Seafile Pro.

I have set up Seafile Pro using the Docker Containers (the provided docker-compose.yml) with custom ports. I also got OnlyOffice installed as a separate container as well.
In front of those I have a nginx server as a reverse proxy. Which is working fine ever since.

My plan is to have Seatable accessible as a sub directory (e.g., whereas is my Seafile).

So I installed Seatable like the documentation tells you to. The only thing I changed is the port, as port 80 and 443 are reserved for my reverse proxy. I changed it to port 3102.
Then I tried to configure a location /seatable {...} block in my reverse proxy config.

But I can’t get this to work. My current state is the following:

  • navigating to shows me a broken(=no css) page saying “Sorry, but the requested page could not be found.” along with a Yes and a No button and a language selection.
  • navigating directly to http://hostname:3102 shows me a working login and file overview, but creating and opening a Base redirects me to a infinite loading animation.

Can somebody please provide me with how to correctly configure the Seatable installation and my reverse proxy?

Thank you very much!

Hi m_te, welcome to the SeaTable forum!

From top of my head the Docker setup requires its own domain. E.g. maybe in your case instead of a sub-domain like is an option?

Otherwise in the front-end proxy it may require URL-rewriting for the downstream responses, from what I know it is not easily possible to configure a base-path next to the domain for SeaTable. Take it with a grain of salt thought, I haven’t yet set SeaTable up this way, so you may be able to handle this well.