Installation without a docker

Hi all!

I have a simple question which apparently doesn’t have the answer for now :grinning:

Do you have any kind of installation instructions for a self-hosted version without a docker?

I would like to install SeaTable on my VPS which already have MariaDB, Redis and Memcached installed. In this kind of environment, it would be major bloat to run another instance of those services in a docker container

I would be grateful for any kind of starting directions regarding the command line installation which doesn’t require a docker

Thank you in advance!


Hi Mihha, welcome to the SeaTable Community Forum.

At this point in time, Docker is the only installation option available. Sorry.

Give the docker container a try. I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed performancewise.

If you want to use existing MariaDB, Redis and Memcached, you can modify the docker-compose file to run SeaTable only without MariaDB, Redis and Memcached. Then modify the config files to use existing MariaDB, Redis and Memcached IP, username and password.

But it is easy to lead to error if you don’t have much experience with SeaTable server.


thank you for your answer but this really doesn’t help

There are various reasons why I don’t want to use docker in my environment

The thing is that you had to create this docker somehow. Services should have been installed in the docker container itself

All I am asking to provide those same steps you did to create a docker container. That shouldn’t be too much of the effort

Thank you in advance!