Interface glitch on entering single select options [Bug?]

Hi, reporting a minor glitch when entering values for a single select column (maybe also multi select) in Seatable 2.5.10

To reproduce:

  • Create a new single select column (same on existing ones, just to have a clean start)
  • Go to the dropdown to create values
  • Enter a value in the search box - nothing found, because the values are empty
  • Click “Add Option” - the search term will appear as a new option
  • Click “Add Option” again - a new line will appear to enter another option. Type option.
  • Hit Return to confirm / save: The second line disappears. However, the second option is saved

As far as I can tell, the search filter still applies, immediately filtering out the newly created option that does not match the filter. It may look like consistent behaviour on behalf of Seatable, but throws my and other users every time.

Suggestion: If another option is entered, reset the search filter, because the user just seems to have changed his/her intention, from looking for an existing entry, so entering a new one.

Do you mean version 3.5.10?

Sure, sorry! Mistyped it

I think the current behaviour is okay. We don’t have a good way to solve the issue yet.

That’s fine with me: Once I made myself aware of this, I will know where to look for the “vanished” entry (i.e. clear the filter myself). And maybe this forum entry will be found by others, helping them.

I feel @abaer 's pain.


With the current behavior, it is kind of difficult to add a lot of new options fast. It’s also difficult to see which options have already been created.

My preference would be this behavior: When clicking “Add option”,

  • a new option is created,
  • the input field is reset/emptied, and
  • the cursor remains in the seach field.

Ideally, keyboard navigation is also supported:

  • ENTER key is equivalent to clicking “Add option” → ENTER creates a new option when a term has been entered in the search field.
  • TAB key can be used to browse forward and SHIFT+TAB to browse backwards through the current options.

This way, entering a whole list of new items can be done in no time with only the keyboard. It also comes with improved transparency: Every time I hit enter/click “Add option”, I see the complete list of options already created.

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