Internal linking within the same table

Is there any news on when you will support internal linking within the same table? It was talked about in this thread as a future option: Question: Linking with in the same table - number of linking (not linked) records

This is already supported.

Sorry I was unprecise. What I meant was the automatic reverse linking. Example

In a system list I want to connect systems to other systems to provide info on the interconnectivity. EG PowerBi utilizes SQL01, which then means that SQL01 supports PowerBi. Currently I have to manually add it from both sides, which wont work in the long run.

Is there anything to do in this regard?

My case is automatic reverse linking - as in when I link X to Y, then Y is also linked to X.

See picture:

I have tried with some intermidiate tables but can’t even get that to work.

Hope someone can help :confused:

I’ve been writing about that a while ago. Maybe it will help you out: Tutorial: Getting values from previous row with the help of automation rules

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This has not been forgotten, just deprioritzed.

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