"Internal Server Error" after upgrading to 3.5

Hi Seatable team,

today I upgraded my self-hosted Seatable EE from 3.4.8 to 3.5.10. I followed the manual guidelines. Login via ldap works fine, but afterwards I always get an “Internal Server Error” (“Interner Serverfehler”) screen as soon as I open any base. In the browser debugging window I can see that the call “MY_SERVER/dtable-server/dtables/43bedc11-ee06-4059-a59e-6c531cf9c0db?lang=de” is answered with “{“error_msg”:“You don’t have permission to access.”}”.

Any ideas? How can I go on debugging? Any help greatly appreciated since this is a production system, and I was obviously a bit too naive doing an upgrade Friday evening. :frowning: The last updates all went so smoothly…



The update to SeaTable 3.5 did not entail any significant changes that you have to take care of.

Here my ideas:
Did you run the database update scripts?
Are there any hints in the log files?
Have you started the SeaTable service using the -d parameter? (It happens to me all the time. I enter “docker exec -it seatable …” and, well, this will not work.)

Thanks a lot for the quick response! I feel a bit puzzled but happy - for whatever reason this morning everything works fine again - though I have not changed anything. Maybe it was in fact some kind of temporary ldap server problem. Or some caching algorithm that now timed out? Just speculation…

Anyway - I will now look into the great new 3.5 features! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


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