Internal server error attempting to create 2 PDFs with 1 button click

Hi I wanted to use the new possibilities of multiple actions for buttons by creating two PDFs at the same time rather than having two buttons, 1 for each PDF. This involved triggering the action to create PDFs twice (2 separate actions, each creating 1 PDF in one of two columns each, not in the same column) . Unfortunately, this triggers an internal server error and only the first PDF in the list is created. After this the process is stopped.
Is there a way around this?

Otherwise the possibility to create a PDF and then automatically send it works fine!

I can confirm that this is an issue (SeaTable Cloud 3.2.5).
We will have a look at this.

Thanks Christoph, I am really pleased with the possibilities it offers.

Sorry for the late replay. The problem was fixed in SeaTable 3.3.

Could you test?

Note: You must save the two documents in two separate file columns. You cannot save them in one file column.

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