Internal server error during pdf exporting

Hello ,

I am using self hosted DE version.

plugin version as following.

i am encountering error ( internal server ) when I try to export record to pdf.


I tried to export pdf using page designer on other base, they are working well. but not for above specific base.

Hi, thanks for the report. Is it ok for you to export the base and send it to

@Karlheinz the file size is 63mb… able to send?

Oops. Upload somewhere in the cloud and let me download it?

@Karlheinz email send

Got your email. Will have a look.

My colleague answered your email by accident, please ignore it. I will answer you later!

So I’ve taken a look. It seems that your page designs have not been correctly saved:

When I try to open these designs, they just won’t load. I also cannot copy or export them.
I would suggest you delete these designs and create them again, if that’s not too much trouble.

We’ll implement a new version of Page Design in the next weeks together with SeaTable 2.6.0. If it’s not urgent, you can also wait for the new version, which will include some bug fixes. Sorry for the inconvenience!

@Karlheinz page design looks normal on my side… anyway thanks for the advice. I will just wait for new release. :grinning:

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