"Internal server error"

Hey everybody,
unfortunately there is a problem with cloud.seatable.io right now. Opening a base leads to a white page with the error message “internal server error”. We know this problem and we are working on a solution.
I apologize for this unplanned outage. We will keep you updated here at this post.
Best regards

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Should have checked the forum before I sent an email. Thanks for the update.

Hi everybody,

I can confirm that the problem was solved this morning at 2am (CET). I apologize for the unavailability of your bases from 11 pm to 2 am. (three hours in total)

For those who want to know more details: it was not a problem with seatable or the dtable server but a problem with the secure https communication between these components. The problem was caused by the fact that seatable uses the acme client to renew its letsencrypt certificates. This acme client changed this default authority from letsencrypt to ZeroSSL. Here is a forum post about it: The acme.sh will change default CA to ZeroSSL on August-1st 2021 - Client dev - Let's Encrypt Community Support

We knew this and corrected this query accordingly. So the certificate of cloud.seatable.io was renewed yesterday and the access to cloud.seatable.io was still secured by https. Still we made the mistake that we didn’t add the full authority chain.

The problem with calling the bases was caused by the dtable server establishing an https connection to get the base information, but not getting the full certificate-chain from Let’s Encrypt. The dtable server did not trust the connection anymore and therefore aborted the connection.

We will take care that such SSL problems will not occur in the future.

Best regards
Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger

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