Introducing Our Latest Innovation: The n8n Node Tailored for Sys-Admins

Hello everyone,

As you may be aware, we’ve recently created a robust n8n node for seamless interactions with our database. Building upon this success, we’re excited to announce the inception of our second n8n node, dedicated to automating sysadmin tasks.

We’ve already begun leveraging this node internally, employing it to streamline processes such as creating accounts in our ticketing system when customers upgrade to a paid subscription.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this new node will enhance efficiency across our operations.
The initial version can be found here and can be installed like any other community node.

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  1. Enter n8n-nodes-neutrino in Enter npm package name.

Copy-and-paste error?

Thanks for this hint. The typo will be fixed with the next version I publish. (probably in the next days)