Invoice numbers with specific format

Hi I use cloud Enterprise.

I am trying to create an invoice numbering system that follows this format:
10 = october
2023 = the year
01 = consecutive number

If an invoice is created in October, it will check what number was created in previous rows and add the next number at the end (e.g. -02, then -03). As soon as the month changes to November, it should start at 11-2023-01. And so on. As soon as we reach 2024, it should change to 01-2024-01, and so on.

Has anyone done something similar?
Can anyone advise on how to proceed (formula, script, etc.)?

This is the difficult part.

SeaTable has the auto-number column which provides an auto-incremented serial, but the serial is not reset at pre-defined intervals (neither months nor years). A script can do that, but I don’t have one off-the-shelf. Sorry.

On a different note: Aren’t you based in Germany. As far as I know, it is rather uncommon to reset the invoice number on a monthly basis. I’ve seen companies do that, but it is much more common to reset the invoice number on an annual basis. And even that is not necessary. This is totally fine:

  • Last invoice in year Y: 202312-0123
  • Next invoice in year Y+1: 202401-0124

Maybe a revisit of your invoice number syntax makes sense :wink:

Hi Ralph,

Very interesting point. I am trying to make someone happy, so your comments about this type of invoice numbering system gives me arguments to get an easier life. So, thank you!

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