Is anyone using Procesio with Seatable?

PROCESIO is currently available on appsumo as a lifetime deal for $49. If anyone here has purchased Procesio, I have a few questions.

I use procesio free version. Compared to Seatable, it is a useful tool for building mind maps or flow charts. Seatable mainly focuses on the collection and management of large amounts of data, supports multi person collaboration, and can display these data in many different formats (table, form, timeline, gallery, etc.), while procesio is mainly a drawing tool with different focuses . My personal usage scenario is more suitable for Seatable.

Hi Julia, i actually meant this software :

Hey Ralf, I know what you mean, I have used these two softwares. The features of the procesio software are not as widely used as the Seatable. This is Seatable’s forum, if your question has nothing to do with Seatable, you can ask in other forums. Thx!

@Ralf Unfortunately, it seems that no community member has a lot of prior experience in integrating procesio with SeaTable. On the other hand, feel free to ask general questions about the SeaTable’s integration options here in the forum (as you’ve already done).

Hi Julia,
Procesio is not a drawing tool [quote=“Julia, post:2, topic:2328”]
while procesio is mainly a drawing tool with different focuses
[/quote] .

It is (currently) a very cost effective alternative to Make and Zapier. That’s why I asked my question.

So if I have inconvenienced anyone with my question, I apologize.

My next question would have been whether an integration with Procesio is planned in the near or distant future.

Anyway; Sorry

Hello, Ralf!

Aren’t you a bit wary of lifetime software offerings, considering that this usually turns out to be unsustainable in the medium term, and companies later end up shutting down or leaving only legacy software without updates?

Also, in case you don’t know I’d like to recommend, It’s similar to Procesio, it’s self host-able and It’s already integrated to SeaTable.

I don’t think you have inconvenienced anyone!

Have a nice time!

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No such plans, sorry. Actually, I didn’t even know Procesio before you asked the question here in the forum.

On a more general note, no-code integration solutions are mushrooming. We must apply a focussed approach. For the time being, this focus is on Zapier, Make, and n8n.

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